Mercury Free Dentist

Mercury Free Dentistry

Many people are concerned about their amalgam fillings and consider to remove them.

Dental amalgam fillings (silver-coloured) – are a mixture of metals, including mercury, silver, tin and copper. They are hard-wearing so are often used on the back teeth.

A lot of patients are under the illusion that by removing their mercury fillings they can expect an improvement in their health. Although I believe strongly that mercury is behind or at least contributing to a great number of ills, changing the fillings and doing nothing else is unlikely to achieve this.

Removing fillings only stops any more mercury getting into the body from the amalgam. There are several environmental sources of mercury, one of wich is fish, and it is a fact that traces of mercury are found in many tissues and organs.

That’s why I like to talk about toxic load and make people be aware of the many toxic sources that surround us.

Safe Amalgam Removal - SMART

The IAOMT protocol recommendations for amalgam removal are known as the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART).

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“Mercury-free” is a term with a wide-range of implications, but typically refers to dental practices that do not place dental mercury amalgam fillings.

“Mercury-safe” typically refers to dental practices that use safety measures to limit or prevent mercury exposure, such as in the case of removing previously existing dental mercury amalgam fillings and replacing them with non-mercury alternatives.

“Biological” or “Biocompatible” dentistry typically refers to dental practices that utilize mercury-free and mercury-safe dentistry while also considering the impact of dental conditions, devices, and treatments on oral and systemic health, including the biocompatibility of dental materials and techniques.

Ana Vilas Boas Sousa Surwald Dentist

The word of our head doctor

“My mission is to bring safe, biocompatible, holistic and ethical health care to people through her expert knowledge of biological and holistic dentistry and dental nutrition. I am a mercury-free, mercury-safe and biological dentist.”

Dr. Ana Surwald

Biological and Holistic dentist, head doctor

Dental Biocompatible materials

As biologically-minded dentists, I work to maximize strength, durability, comfort and aesthetics, always seeking to minimize toxicity, immune reactivity and galvanic stress.

For some, the effects of dental materials on their health can be significant. Today we are exposed to thousands of potentially toxic substances that didn’t exist 50, or even 20 years ago and every year more are added to the list. The effects on health of man-made substances vary from person to person. Some may not be affected, while, for others, the same substance may be toxic and elicit a harmful reaction.

The source of these substances ranges from what is put into the food we eat, to household chemicals, pesticides, toxic substances resulting from the manufacturing process, auto emissions, and products and materials used in medical and dental treatment.

I seek to use the safest and more biocompatible materials. I offer BPA free composite fillings and other metal free options like e-max crowns or on-lays, trinia dentures, clear acrylic dentures and ceramic implants.


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Nutritional dentistry

When we talk about nutrition, we usually think of “diet,” and the bewildering selection of diets that have been proposed for health, energy, weight loss, etc.
We can also think about certain unifying, whole-body goals of nutrition that will enable the body to heal, excrete toxins, and feel healthy. Any of the specific diets can work for some people some of the time, as long as they support these overall goals.